Window Tinting

Professional Auto Window Tinting Service

Galaxy Auto Sound provides professional window tinting services located in Northridge, CA. We provide most colors and styles of window tint. We use high quality materials, and our service is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Six Reasons Why You Should Tint Your Windows!

  • Prevents A Hot Interior: Can decrease your vehicle’s
    temeratures up to 50%!
  • Protection: Prevents fading, cracking and sun damage
    due to focused sun rays.
  • Skin Protection: Window tinting can block out 99%
    of harmfull UV rays.
  • Increases Privacy: Prevents outsiders from seeing who
    and what is inside your vehicle.
  • Collision Protection: Window tint actually holds shattered
    glass together better than without window tint!
  • Safer Driving: Reduces glare from the sun and other
Window Tinting

It Gets Hot In The San Fernando Valley!

So what are you waiting for! Come on into Galaxy Auto Sound and get your car, SUV, or RV tinted today.