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      Asked for Ofer bring your car here. Trust me. Been coming here for years. Good work and products that I trust and prices nobody can beat. Customer service is unbelievable. It's like a comedy show sitting in these comfy chairs and they take care of you like you're a guest in their home. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

    thumb Joshua M.

      Ofer, thank you so much for helping me out today.  Had full stereo/speaker installation. Now I see why the great reviews. Great price and great work, and thank you so much for the extras!! Much appreciated! Go here!!!

    thumb Mark H.

      This is the place to go to for all your auto needs wether you need a stero hook up or a fender bender accident-Ofer can fix all your problems as good as new and you would never know anything happened to your vehicle at all--we use his services for all my four boys needs--anyway feel free to stop by any time and ask any question you might have he will help you or refer him to anyone he knows to help--Mrs LIZ Aharoni

    thumb Liz A.

      Very happy with Galaxy!  Ofer gave me a great deal on my new sound system, DVD player, back up camera and alarm system.  He was very knowledgeable about the products he was selling and directed me to what best suited my needs.  His team expertly installed my system and taught me how to work my new toys.  I was very happy with the products, the work and the price.  I would highly recommend Galaxy!

    thumb steph f.

      I can't say enough great things about galaxy auto sound.  They were extremely helpful explained everything perfectly on the new functions of my stereo and their customer service was impeccable  if your ever in need of any auto stereo work give them a call.  You won't regret it. Thanks so much guys

    thumb Nicolas B.

      Ofer is so awesome! Me and my husband came to his shop again to fix our headlights. his worker got the job done and Ofer is such a kind and generous businessman. Never met a body shop owner with a great personality and honest and humble, as for me today was the first time meeting him too. But now i know why my husband came back to Ofer. Trust ur car issues with Ofer with very fair prices and quality workmanship. Thank you Ofer! (He doesnt know im putting this review).

    thumb Michelle L.

      Thank you Galaxy Auto Sound for making my baby look brand new again! It looks as if I was never in an accident, and you guys even went out of your way to get it detailed and make it look sparkly clean.
    Ofer, you are amazing and work wonders! You are trustworthy and I never had to question or wonder if you were being honest because you are as genuine as they come! My father has been coming to you guys for a while now and now I know why. Here is a picture of the before and after! I was very relieved.
    Thank you, I am a very happy Customer 🙂

    thumb Holly J.

      Spoke to Ofer on Thursday about installing a blind spot monitoring system. He said come in on Saturday and we will go over details and get it installed. After arranging my schdule, I went Saturday afternoon  and was told to wait. But after waiting no help came by. I went to see how much longer was the wait. Ofer came to me and said he couldn't help me at all today . After all, he did say to come in on Saturday and would help me with the  installation. With that being said, not  good customer service. Hopefully you don't loose anymore potential customers.

    thumb Minnie N.

      These guys are the best. Ofer, Oscar,Josh and others went way beyond the call to make sure all the bugs were out of the replacement of the piece of crap 2014 4 runner radio that has finally earned a punch in the nose.

    Thanks guys

    thumb Ralph D.

      This is a great shop.  There is nothing they can't do or get for you.  Ofar, The owner, is like watching a musical conductor.  He has a great group of guys and he knows what every one of them is doing.  The shop is loaded with anything you could possibly want or need.  I took my JVC head unit, satellite radio and rear camera to Ofar. His guys installed the whole thing in 1hr 20min, for a GREAT PRICE.  When they were done, there were NO satches, marks, dirt or evidence that there was work done to my car!!

    thumb Mike F.

      The best!!! I got into a pretty bad wreck (that was ultimately deemed as my fault) and the team at galaxy had my car fixed in a very short amount of time. He saved me a ton of money on the car rental I would have had for more days and did a beautiful job on my car. I am very grateful.

    thumb Mory B.

      I had a great experience here at galaxy. I got my front and rear speakers replaced in my sedan. I tried doing it myself and ended up ruining my passenger door. I got a quote of how much it would be and it was easily the best quote I've gotten from anywhere. After looking at my door, Ofer, the guy that runs the place, had mentioned to me that the condition of my door was terrible (he keeps it real and jokes around, so don't take what he says personally). But he didn't charge any extra labor for fixing the door that I ruined. I could tell that he really cares about the quality of service his customers get because he individually goes through each car to make sure things are neat. I'm looking forward to going to galaxy autosound in the future.

    thumb Jerome B.

      Great business! Ofer the owner really knows his stuff. I priced around, and he has the best prices without a doubt. I had no plans on getting a new stereo after getting quotes from other company's that were far out of my budget, but Ofer made me an offer I couldn't say no to. I also had them install some hid head lights most definitely worth it.

    thumb Daniel W.

      bought a new car yesterday ..got it tinted today..ofer is awesome ..gave me a great price on my tint looks amazing ..got done in a few hours ..im very Impressed with the service I got at galaxy,  thanks for everuything great customer service no BS..

    thumb Moises L.

      Ofer is a shark!
    Another mechanic referred me there because my car locks stopped working.
    I couldn't lock or unlock the car at all since my key doesn't work manually for the doors... only the clicker can do that. I needed a quick fix and it was July 3rd... Most places were already closed early for the holiday, and this was pretty much my only option that day.
    I did wait a bit because it was busy but it was expected for a walk-in.
    Initial check confirmed that the problem wasn't as complicated as he thought when I called, and he gave me some peace of mind right away. He took the clicker apart to make sure it works and then he just asked one of his guys to check under the hood. The guy just pulled on some wires in there and it started working again! The whole thing took 5 minutes and he didn't charge me anything! Great experience.

    thumb Mastul B.

      Went to him because of the reviews. Reviews lived up to he hype. Place was great. Ofer was straight forward and didn't give me any run arounds or anything. He made the transaction swift and installation was quick as well. They took care of me their installation was spot on. Definitely recommend.

    thumb Jc M.

      That auto audio shop you were always looking for. Brought my car in with a crapped out 1 year old amp from Pacific Stereo. They recommended a good brand for less than what I paid for the previous one and it bumps. Thanks Ofer!

    thumb Jimmy H.

      How often does one go on Yelp or Google trying to find some sort of service and you end up making dozens of calls only to come up empty-handed. Not today. The 6-CD changer in my Mercedes went south about 6 weeks ago and of course the car is no longer under warranty. It had all of my good stuff like Toto, the GRP Big Band, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and a dozen Chopin classics played by Van Cliburn. The Mercedes dealer was definitely a "No" since they tried to fix it once before and struck out.

    So I called the first Car Stereo place that came up on Yelp with stellar reviews: Galaxy Auto Sound on Reseda Blvd. in Northridge. I gave them a call and guess what: the owner, Ofer, said to simply bring it in and they could fix it today while I wait. Right, and "I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today" said J. Wellington Wimpy.

    Well, I drove right over there and in 20 minutes they had the original unit out and a new unit installed. The price was a steal and I drove away after being there only a half hour with all of my greatest hits brought back to life and a one-year warranty.

    Quite honestly, the experience was totally unbelievable and I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else. Thanks so much guys. You are truly magicians!

    David Goodman

    thumb David B.

      Always been coming here since my sound guy decided to disappear on me. Thanks to Ofer, I've done jobs with him with the both cars I've had and the both of them were just awesome. Thanks Ofer!

    thumb Jello A.

      I have been a customer for over 12 years and have 5-6 cars worked on  and have always been very happy, The owner is the nicest guy in town . Always knowledgeable and fair on price. And if there's ever something that needs adjusting or fixing i have never had a problem. I will never go anywhere s else for alarms, stereo's navigation, DVD movie systems, play stations inverters and my window tinting. Do your self a favor and take it and ask for Offer the owner, you wont be sorry. Thanks for all you do for me David Whyte, Whyte Plumbing Inc 818-885-8222. A very happy repeat customer.

    thumb David W.

      Called to find out how much it would be to install a new alarm on my mom's car. Ofer quoted me $150 so I sent her in the next day. He honored the price over the phone no ifs and buts or hassles about it. They are a pretty busy so your wait will probably be longer than anticipated, but the work is top notch. Thanks.

    thumb Tony M.

      So nice and always helpful when things go wrong, (like my alarm going off).  Ofer really has helped me in so many ways!

    Just like old-fashioned businesses used to be...

    thumb Jodi L.

      I got my car tinted at this place a little over a year ago. I went to pick up my car, they gave me a receipt and I was on my way. I noticed on my back window the tint is peeling off. I called to ask if they have warranty and basically told me if I don't have a receipt they can't do anything. You really expect people to keep a receipt that's over a year old? I asked if they had any record of my car being there and the lady was hesitant about answering the question and said I need a receipt and without it I can't do anything.

    Like seriously? You expect your customers to keep the receipt for a lifetime? That's ridiculous. I had recommended this place to a friend a few days ago and I will surely tell them to go somewhere else.

    thumb Erick S.

      Ofer is the man. Honest, fair and straightforward.

    I came to him with a rare model Mercedes looking for a very specific part.

    Not only did he have the part on-hand, he was able to get it installed and charged me HALF of what other shops were asking (I got 5 other quotes).

    Very impressed and I can see why my mechanic highly recommended him.

    One tip: I was there for a few hours and a ridiculous amount of people came by.... his prices are low and his work is solid so everyone and their mother wants to work with him. Show up early or try to make an appointment!

    thumb Sam D.

      This guy lost a customer. I came to him to get a quote for stereo installation on my BMW. Instead of him giving me my quote he began first to question me as to why I wanted to change my stereo. I stated, "Because I want Bluetooth in my car, but why the hell to I have to explain that to you, can you do my installation or not."  He says, "oh yeah, oh yeah I was just asking". Then he kept questioning if I had the right stereo, which I understood that to mean I should have bought it from him.

    Seriously, after 10 minutes of this back and forth I finally got a quote. But by the time I left there I had already made up my mind that I wasn't coming back.

    You lost a customer by being a jerk. Just give us the information we are looking for, I don't need to be upsold or for you to try to scold me because I didn't buy my new system from you.

    You lost a paying customer......JERK!

    thumb A Concerned P.

      Ofer is legit!  Installed a Pioneer 5200 Nex in my 2012 Outback.  Very clean installation, fair price and very honest man.  Can't beat it.

    thumb Ryan M.

      Excellent job on installing a reverse camera and mirror screen on my hybrid civic. Galaxy auto gave me the best price, installation was only 100$ that's the cheapest in town.

    thumb Bart S.

      In the last two days I had a car alarm and windshield installed on my car. The service was amazing and on time. They showed me the car before I paid. Ask me if I'm satisfied. I would recommend them to any and everyone.

    thumb Rajah J.

      Had an alarm installed to my Ford truck. Ofer gave the best price in town and service was fast and clean. Very friendly guy, will definitely go back if I ever need any more work done.

    thumb Mark N.

      Customer service is above the rest. Ofer and the team are great and I will continue bringing my vehicles here for my alarm / stereo needs.

    thumb R E.

      Try to avoid this place not because these guys don't know what they are doing but because there is a higher chance to get ripped off. Also none of them have respects for the costumers. I did my tinits and subs in that shop they took care of my car and gave a good price but here is the issue when I experienced problem with my subs and I took back and turns out that gauge cable was melting in my truck and caused it to melt my app ofel refused to take ownership he tried to blame it on an amp that's I had for 3 years and my brother had it for longer time before. He should have At lease be like I'm sorry this happened let's work together to set you up with new stuff and I'll give you a deal since I'm the one who installed the first one for you. That who a business man conducts him self not like ofel who cares about the money more than costumer and I personally heard him say that.  So it's your choice

    thumb Zaid M.

      Well where do I start, as an owner of any service you need to have respect towards anyone who tries to acquire your service. I literally heard the owner say "fuck off" to a client and that he didn't have enough time to be dealing with bs I think he is there for the money and he already has enough that doesn't care. Although he was nice to me but did not deliver on time. He said he will have it ready in 3 hours and took about 6 hours.

    My job was not as difficult it was just to wire up my radio, everything was already there and hooked up (probably I messed up the wires when I tried it myself). They are overpriced, they even charge you $50 bucks just to wire 2 cables to make your steering wheel controllers work.
    Will no go back to him. I initially came here because of yelp reviews but he has no respect over customers regardless of how big of small your job is. And does not provide a fair price

    thumb Saul R.

      Thank you Ofer and Team!!

    I had a little fender bender and my Mercedes GLK needed a fix.. I needed the absolute best to handle this...
    Galaxy were absolutely perfect from start to finish.. The entire process was made easy and simple (handling the paperwork and the insurance co, etc).. And quick!!
    I picked up my car today and it looks as though I just picked it up from the dealership...

    Thank you guys so much, I couldn't be any happier!!

    thumb Lotem B.

      When I review, it is always essential to remain objective, which brings me to the type of service provided by this location. Stepping into the lot, you feel absolute professionalism. Ofer ensures his employees are always working focused and to their very best. Also, ofer establishes a wonderful relationship with his clientele. I truly felt welcomed while standing in his business location.  My critique is a three star review due to problems my car experienced after taking my car to Ofer's buisness. The type of service I requested was the installation window tint throughout the entire car including the sunroof. Unfortunately, the
    window tint appeared to have spots all over it after the job was completed. I assumed it was just dirty, but that wasn't the case. Also, my sunroof began to have mechanical issues that were not present before taking my car to Ofer. Personally, I would give a review one star for issues such as these; however, Ofer's positive attitude does contribute heavily towards his business; thus believing he deserves three stars.

    thumb Allan C.

      The reviews are correct great customer service, fast installation, professional service,the manager ofer works with you! I went on a busy saturday morning and they were busy with work i just went to check out the area and probably make an appointment. OFER told me that they would be able to install my car stereo and speakers in less than 2 hours and a half despite their busy schedule, im like great. So almost 3 hours later they installed everything including a Mic for hands free tslking ( wasnt part of the installation but they still did it ,wow) everythong was great! They even helped me to establish proper stereo settings and bluetooth. Highly recommend the place, i went to best buy in pacoima 2 weeks prior and the geek squad employee was trying to get me to buy a $700 touchscreen radio and amplifier both of which i really didn't need glad i went to Galaxy Sound!

    thumb Joe M.

      Just got window tinted and remote start installed.  You ABSOLUTELY MUST make appointment!  I was in there on Saturday (every other week) at the opening and it was extremely busy.  You need to be able to leave your car for most of the day because it is a busy place!  They take the car to their another shop for tinting.  It came out without any issues.  There were some dirts on my car when it got back, but staff cleaned it up when I pointed to it.  Remote start is working perfectly.  Price is definitely reasonable, it was cheaper than other places by about $200 for all the work that was done.

    thumb David C.

      I've been here several times over the years and never had a problem. They do good work for a good price. I've had amps and subs installed in different vehicles, transferred my system from one vehicle to another, they tinted my windows, etc. Ask for Ofer. He'll give you a good price. Great place.

    thumb C-Aye P.

      I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! the best and only place i go to that has anything to do with my car. Ofer is the best and the most helpful person in this business. I plan on owning a fleet of cars one day, and Ofer is going to be the ONLY person to ever work on them.
    Thanks for the best service and making my car brand new again!!!

    thumb Shlomi N.

      Galaxy is your one stop shop for your auto sound needs. Customer service is great, Ofer and his crew are very knowledgable and professional.

    Prices and Products are great! They work from classic cars, daily cars and exotic/high-end cars.

    Great Squad at Galaxy! With many years of experience.

    thumb Dave J.

      I chose this company because of its excellent Yelp rating. I should have read the reviews more carefully. A handful are negative and tell the whole story. Ofer, the owner, runs a shop that is good for only a few things, but working on high-end cars is not one of them. Do not take your European or other import to this company. They are not experienced in working with luxury vehicles. I took my convertible Jaguar to Ofer for a stereo upgrade only to watch him waste several hours installing and later removing that system he made a mistake putting in in the first place, telling me after a full wasted day that he was unable to improve the stock system and would be "generous" enough to give me a partial discount for the work he had done, essentially expecting me to pay for his error. To avoid further wasted resources I simply agreed. I hope this review will save others from a similar waste of precious time and money. If you care about your higher-end vehicle, take it to a better company. Don't let Ofer fool you too.

    thumb Vatche A.

      I have brought 8 vehicles here in the past 13 years.  Offer is great with pricing. Quality is only a 4 Depends on who you get for tech.  Other issue is he takes every job that comes in.   He will day 2 hours but takes 6. After my third car I drop off my car when he opens at 9 am and pick up at 6 when he closes

    He does something wright brought 8 cars here

    thumb Oscar A.

      Ofer is a cool, down to earth dude, and will tell it how it is. Trustworthy and reliable. He did great work on my FRS installing the subwoofer. Did my girlfriends tints from 3M brand with life time warranty. And if your not happy Galaxy will make it right, seriously they strive to have returning customers and I have been coming back for any type of mods. Also has an body shop so you can get your car fixed or repaired just let them know. And make in appointment first, they are super busy, don't show up without calling.

    thumb Stephanie T.

      I'll apologize in advance because I hate taking pictures of things.

    Ofer and his team did an amazing job on my 97 Toyota Land Cruiser. They put in new speakers on the four doors and a sub in the stock location (my request). They also soundproofed the doors. The car came out perfectly. The sound system is amazing and is better than I imagined it would be. The car used to be very loud on the freeway, but is now just about as quiet as a mid range car today. Not quite luxury car quiet, but that's not what I paid for. I hear things in songs I've listened to 100 times I've never heard before. They also installed an amp to run everything off of.

    While the install and everything went great and really looks factory, the 5 stars are really well deserved.

    Reason 1:

    When I got the car back from Galaxy, the rear door on the driver's side wouldn't unlock or lock. I took it back to them, and it turned out that the insulation inside the door made something to thick and it was making the lock mechanism get stuck on it. They didn't know that at first and thought the lock had died because it really wasn't even trying to move. They replaced the lock free of charge and only found the real problem because the new mechanism was stronger so it was at least trying to move. Ofer didn't charge me for anything here which I really appreciate.

    Reason 2:

    During the fixing of the lock, a really small scratch appeared in the tint on my window. Ofer asked his guy if he did it, but his guy of course said no. Ofer without hesitation said, I don't remember seeing that there, and immediately called another shop he works with and had his guy take my car there to re-tint the window. That's a whole different ball game of honesty with auto shops I have never seen before.

    Final Verdict:

    Ofer has earned my trust and business for the rest of my life as long as I am still in town able to bring my cars to him. He really went above and beyond.

    thumb Ron A.

      Workers here are hella rude called for a question lady said call you back and hug up , bad service

    thumb Dereck S.

      Highly Recommend This Place - I am very thankful and impressed with the service I received from Owner.  I had my car tinted there 8.5 years ago, tint went bad (after 8.5 years-regular wear) and they honored the lifetime guarantee without any hassle. Amazing! They were also were kind enough to work on my Van's emergency tinting need on the spot a few months back. I will keep going there for my auto upgrades and definitely recommend this place.

    thumb Zia Q.

      galaxy auto sound is the best.  great prices
    and workmanship. the owner ofer is a great person and gave me an incredible price.  got my car done fast and sounds great.  they do it all including body and paint work if needed.   only shop that touches my cars.

    thumb Gio M.

      I Came in looking to get new hid lights and Galaxy auto sound gave me just that. They were really fast and efficient and gave me a great deal for my lights. Highly recommend it.

    thumb Jose C.

      Super busy from the minute it opens.

    So this place opens at 9, I arrived at 9:15 and owner Ofer was already closing the gate to turn away customers for the day. That is the sign of quality work, as I tried to explain to my 7 year old son.

    I had a very basic request. A stereo that was drawing power, but no sound coming out. Ofer took my information and within an hour called me with an update and a quote. Cost was minimal, and the car was done in a matter of hours. Ofer is amazingly personable, and friendly. The guy knows how to do business and seems like he appreciates everyone who walks though the door.

    I guess you should make an appointment, I did not. I thought showing up first thing would be the way to go. I was lucky, if I showed up two minutes later I would been SOL.

    Thank to Ofer and company my 1998 Toyota Corolla is bumpin' to the sounds of a stereo that has not worked in years.

    Thanks guys!

    Can't recommend enough. Great guys, great service!

    thumb Mark D.

      Great guys but the install wasn't clean. They messed up my battery cover (they yanked it and broke the clip instead of sliding it off) and put the turn on wire on the fuse box and tapped it on a 15amp fuse that is used for my ESP. Basically, if the fuse blows due to the amp, my ESP goes with it. The wire was stripped as well when they closed the fuse cover so I had to run an electric tape so it won't get cut off or shorted. I am unsure how a $75 4 gauge wiring kit would not come with its own fuse. The amp also turn s on whenever I unlock the door. They also did something to my automatic tailgate. Not sure how but it doesn't open all the way anymore. It was working when I brought it in. Right now its in the dealers getting checked. I guess they are good at older cars but for a brand new one, go somewhere else as they do not ask or read the manual first, they just practically wing it. I live far but relied on the reviews. I'd bring it back to them but I don't have the time anymore. I'm sure they'll gladly fix it since they run their business from having good customer service but it should be done right the first time.

    thumb Carlo R.

      Just went here for the first time to get a head unit and amp installed. This place is great, they do fantastic work. I recommend to anyone who wants any kind of audio work done. Very busy place, but there is definitely a reason for it. I'll be coming back very soon!

    thumb Nazzar M.