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      This place is awesome! Very honest people and had my truck done very fast. very fair prices and great costumer service. I will definitely be going back here.Highly recommended.

    thumb Omri N.

      job well done on  the tinting for my Camry today..... Josh helped me and it looks great !!! good work at a fair price...... cant ask for more. not close to where I live.. but would do it all over again.

    thumb Hugh B.

      Honest is always the best policy. Perfectionism is professionalism. Put the two together and you get Galaxy Sound and Auto body.

    Ofer is professional, always gives the best price possible, and has taken care of cars for my family, friends and a lot of Uber and Lyft drivers I know.

    His team is remarkably quick with precision, from years of experience working on all types of vehicles.

    You may have to wait in line to get your work done, but you'll understand why it's so busy all the time, when you see your bill, and the work that has been done.

    I just recommended another friend.

    Thank you Galaxy Sound and Auto body team.

    thumb Derek B.

      This place is amazing. Thank you so much Ofer and everyone else that worked so hard for me to be able to return my leased car in mint condition. Ofer is super honest - he will never upsell you and will make sure you're happy when you leave the lot. My car was banged up pretty bad and it looked brand new when I picked it up. Highly recommended!!!!

    thumb Ayla M.

      These guys are great! Very nice, but more importantly they know what they are doing, which explains why they are so busy all the time. They gave me a really good price for stereo, subwoofer, amplifier and back up camera installation. Almost half of what another shop quoted. Very clean job, everything works perfectly. They work on old beat up cars to high end Porsche sport car. I can see that they treat all customers the same, weather it's a small job or expensive ones. While I waited, I was able to observe their work--I must say it looks like what you would see on a TV show. I would definitely come back if I need work on my stereo the next time.

    thumb John L.

      My first time walking into the shop was a very pleasant experience. I was shopping next-door at the $.99 store and the shop was right next to it. I decided to walk in and asked how much they charge for tinting windows. The owner help me and he did such a great job with it. He took care of my car with a very reasonable price. Will definitely come back to get my LED light installed.

    thumb Janelle S.

      Been coming to this place for about 13 years, these guys always give me the beat prices and their work is amazing, they have installed systems in all of my cars for great prices. Ofer is the man and the team he has working for him are always knowledgeable, honest and friendly. I highly recommend this shop to anyone that's in the market for car audio or alarm systems.  If you wanna get it done right get it done through galaxy auto sound they will never let you down!!!!!

    thumb Jack K.

      This place is great! We have done a handful of our security patrol cars here and they have always gone above and beyond. We can literally call them last minute and they will accommodate us! Josh is so friendly and knows his stuff thank you!

    thumb Arlene N.

      One of the best in the business! Great customer care and service. I was very happy with the work they did and I look forward to using them again!

    thumb Lee G.

      This is my first review on Yelp, but I had to. It's been approximately 2 months since I've had my system installed. I couldn't be happier, everything is perfect. They used very high quality parts, cut no corners and even threw in a bass knob which I didn't even expect. Their technicians took the time to go through all the features with me and made sure that all my questions and concerns were addressed. Ofer and his son will take fantastic care of you and you will be in great hands. Finally, they're reasonable on price and it seems you get more than what you paid for. Thank you Galaxy Auto Sound!

    thumb Adam J.

      Top quality customer service and great prices!!  They really made me feel special. The owner here is so friendly and cool. So glad i found this shop...they are so professional here...unlike many places in the area. Have already recommended this place to another friend. Will be back if i need any sound improvements on my ride.

    thumb Brian M.

      I just had my Toyota Sienna repaired (body work) at Galaxy and they made my car look better than new! They helped me out and made it quick so I can still use my car for our road trip. Then, when I came to pick up my car, they had it DETAILED! 5 star customer service, I will definitely use them again. Thanks Galaxy!

    thumb gali l.

      this place is very good they were willing to see me short notice near closing hours and did a really good job i highly recommend going here

    thumb Sigalit M.

      I literally have the best experiences here. I will NEVER ever go anywhere else!  I had a horrible experience elsewhere and the previous body shop really ruined my car, I'm SO relieved that I now have a body shop that I truly trust taking my car to, not only is the service amazing, the prices are reasonable and I really enjoy coming in and seeing  Josh, Ofer and George. They're a pleasure to work with, very knowledgable- always giving me advice and very professional. I highly recommend bringing your car here if you really want to take care of it!

    thumb Sormeh A.

      Trustworthy, reliable, professional, friendly service. Will recommend to friends and family!  Honest pricing as well! They took care of my car tint issue and did an awesome job!! Thank you Josh and team!

    thumb Cyrelle A.

      My guy ofer knows his customer service best car audio shop around definitely a returning customer shout out to galaxy auto sound

    thumb Mason D.

      I went there because one of my best friend rAfter job done, i went there to pickup the car but they were asking to pay $250 more just because the job took more than what they were expecting. And they said if you dont pay the extra we cant give you the car back. The manager Ofer or "Ofir" was so impolite and mean not only to me but to everyone. I ended up calling cops in order to get my car back. After getting my car i saw bad scratch beneath door handle which they said we are not responsible. They didn't even finish the job completely and i need to take the car somewhere else as well.
    Dont even try

    thumb Michel K.

      Thank you Galaxy for once again taking care of my car... Would not let anyone else handle my baby lol
    These guys handled my pain in the ass insurance people... saved me a lot of hassle...

    thumb Lotem B.

      Somebody recommended this place then I went over there after I was getting an estimate from another place.
    when I arrived I asked the owner Ofer for the same product that I was offered in the other place, he gave me a price of $300 (the other place said $450 for the same exact product).
    Then he said you have more options that you might like, which was never offered in the other place.
    he showed me my options and the price was very fair for a much better system.
    He said we can do it right now and that was great.
    I went to Starbucks for an hour and a half and when I came back, everything was connected very nicely couldn't see any work that was done on my car, they cleaned the car and it was even cleaner than the time I brought it in.
    I didn't need to ask and they left all my other parts in the car just in case I need it in the future.
    I love my back up camera and the screen that I have in the car and it actually improved the sound system in my car
    thank you Galaxy!!!

    thumb Avi B.

      I had my stereo and Nav installed here. The service was excellent and the prices were competitive. I would definitely recommend this place and would come back for more help if I needed it.

    thumb Robert M.

      So i had my E350 Benz window tinted at this location in jan 2015.  Paper has a lifetime warranty. I called cause the car looks like it never had tint on it. They are giving me the run around cause I dont have any paperwork. They keep a copyof all paperwork but will not look or honor the warranty. I strongly suggest that you take your car to a different place that will honor the lifetime warranty of the paper.

    thumb Arthur M.

      Needed to purchase a 12 volt battery for garage door remote, they were very busy. I sought their advice as to my issue with the garage door not opening or closing correctly, they were not keen on helping with my problem which may be related to the garage door, when I balked at the price they first quoted, they then lowered to 50% of original figure and told me that I needed to decide immediately!, not  a great method to engage the customer positively, do not feel I want to return if I need their services

    thumb Paul P.

      I called around to get estimates on having bluetooth installed in my car. Ofer had the lowest price by far. Al & Ed's wanted to charge $525 and another store was charging $400 compared to Galaxy Auto Sound's $250. Since I've never heard of Galaxy Auto Sound, I thought maybe the $250 over the phone would change when I get to the shop. A lot of businesses practice that sneaky tactic. Price didn't change. Ofer stuck to his word.

    thumb Roy V.

      I called in today to see if I can swing by and get a remote control-alarm for our van, and Ofer said I can swing by and he will be able to do that for us. Came in he was able to do what he said he was gonna and on top that he even gave a spare for no additional charge! Very happy with the product! And I will definitely refer to family and friends!

    thumb Joy S.

      Highly highly recommend. Ofer and his staff are extremely knowledgeable and take care of you as if working on their own cars. Every employee was such a pleasure to interact with and they genuinely appreciate your service unlike too many other businesses now a days. My sound system sounds a million times better and they even fixed a mistake another sound company messed up on my car. Only suggestion I have to customers is to bargain a bit on the pricing, although they can be reasonably priced you can usually talk them down to something more in your price range.

    thumb S C.

      Asked for Ofer bring your car here. Trust me. Been coming here for years. Good work and products that I trust and prices nobody can beat. Customer service is unbelievable. It's like a comedy show sitting in these comfy chairs and they take care of you like you're a guest in their home. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

    thumb Joshua M.

      This is the place to go to for all your auto needs wether you need a stero hook up or a fender bender accident-Ofer can fix all your problems as good as new and you would never know anything happened to your vehicle at all--we use his services for all my four boys needs--anyway feel free to stop by any time and ask any question you might have he will help you or refer him to anyone he knows to help--Mrs LIZ Aharoni

    thumb Liz A.

      I can't say enough great things about galaxy auto sound.  They were extremely helpful explained everything perfectly on the new functions of my stereo and their customer service was impeccable  if your ever in need of any auto stereo work give them a call.  You won't regret it. Thanks so much guys

    thumb Nicolas B.

      Very happy with Galaxy!  Ofer gave me a great deal on my new sound system, DVD player, back up camera and alarm system.  He was very knowledgeable about the products he was selling and directed me to what best suited my needs.  His team expertly installed my system and taught me how to work my new toys.  I was very happy with the products, the work and the price.  I would highly recommend Galaxy!

    thumb steph f.

      Ofer is so awesome! Me and my husband came to his shop again to fix our headlights. his worker got the job done and Ofer is such a kind and generous businessman. Never met a body shop owner with a great personality and honest and humble, as for me today was the first time meeting him too. But now i know why my husband came back to Ofer. Trust ur car issues with Ofer with very fair prices and quality workmanship. Thank you Ofer! (He doesnt know im putting this review).

    thumb Michelle L.

      Thank you Galaxy Auto Sound for making my baby look brand new again! It looks as if I was never in an accident, and you guys even went out of your way to get it detailed and make it look sparkly clean.
    Ofer, you are amazing and work wonders! You are trustworthy and I never had to question or wonder if you were being honest because you are as genuine as they come! My father has been coming to you guys for a while now and now I know why. Here is a picture of the before and after! I was very relieved.
    Thank you, I am a very happy Customer 🙂

    thumb Holly J.

      Spoke to Ofer on Thursday about installing a blind spot monitoring system. He said come in on Saturday and we will go over details and get it installed. After arranging my schdule, I went Saturday afternoon  and was told to wait. But after waiting no help came by. I went to see how much longer was the wait. Ofer came to me and said he couldn't help me at all today . After all, he did say to come in on Saturday and would help me with the  installation. With that being said, not  good customer service. Hopefully you don't loose anymore potential customers.

    thumb Minnie N.

      These guys are the best. Ofer, Oscar,Josh and others went way beyond the call to make sure all the bugs were out of the replacement of the piece of crap 2014 4 runner radio that has finally earned a punch in the nose.

    Thanks guys

    thumb Ralph D.

      This is a great shop.  There is nothing they can't do or get for you.  Ofar, The owner, is like watching a musical conductor.  He has a great group of guys and he knows what every one of them is doing.  The shop is loaded with anything you could possibly want or need.  I took my JVC head unit, satellite radio and rear camera to Ofar. His guys installed the whole thing in 1hr 20min, for a GREAT PRICE.  When they were done, there were NO satches, marks, dirt or evidence that there was work done to my car!!

    thumb Mike F.

      The best!!! I got into a pretty bad wreck (that was ultimately deemed as my fault) and the team at galaxy had my car fixed in a very short amount of time. He saved me a ton of money on the car rental I would have had for more days and did a beautiful job on my car. I am very grateful.

    thumb Mory B.

      Great business! Ofer the owner really knows his stuff. I priced around, and he has the best prices without a doubt. I had no plans on getting a new stereo after getting quotes from other company's that were far out of my budget, but Ofer made me an offer I couldn't say no to. I also had them install some hid head lights most definitely worth it.

    thumb Daniel W.

      I had a great experience here at galaxy. I got my front and rear speakers replaced in my sedan. I tried doing it myself and ended up ruining my passenger door. I got a quote of how much it would be and it was easily the best quote I've gotten from anywhere. After looking at my door, Ofer, the guy that runs the place, had mentioned to me that the condition of my door was terrible (he keeps it real and jokes around, so don't take what he says personally). But he didn't charge any extra labor for fixing the door that I ruined. I could tell that he really cares about the quality of service his customers get because he individually goes through each car to make sure things are neat. I'm looking forward to going to galaxy autosound in the future.

    thumb Jerome B.

      bought a new car yesterday ..got it tinted today..ofer is awesome ..gave me a great price on my tint looks amazing ..got done in a few hours ..im very Impressed with the service I got at galaxy,  thanks for everuything great customer service no BS..

    thumb Moises L.

      Ofer is a shark!
    Another mechanic referred me there because my car locks stopped working.
    I couldn't lock or unlock the car at all since my key doesn't work manually for the doors... only the clicker can do that. I needed a quick fix and it was July 3rd... Most places were already closed early for the holiday, and this was pretty much my only option that day.
    I did wait a bit because it was busy but it was expected for a walk-in.
    Initial check confirmed that the problem wasn't as complicated as he thought when I called, and he gave me some peace of mind right away. He took the clicker apart to make sure it works and then he just asked one of his guys to check under the hood. The guy just pulled on some wires in there and it started working again! The whole thing took 5 minutes and he didn't charge me anything! Great experience.

    thumb Mastul B.

      Went to him because of the reviews. Reviews lived up to he hype. Place was great. Ofer was straight forward and didn't give me any run arounds or anything. He made the transaction swift and installation was quick as well. They took care of me their installation was spot on. Definitely recommend.

    thumb Jc M.

      That auto audio shop you were always looking for. Brought my car in with a crapped out 1 year old amp from Pacific Stereo. They recommended a good brand for less than what I paid for the previous one and it bumps. Thanks Ofer!

    thumb Jimmy H.

      How often does one go on Yelp or Google trying to find some sort of service and you end up making dozens of calls only to come up empty-handed. Not today. The 6-CD changer in my Mercedes went south about 6 weeks ago and of course the car is no longer under warranty. It had all of my good stuff like Toto, the GRP Big Band, Earth, Wind, and Fire, and a dozen Chopin classics played by Van Cliburn. The Mercedes dealer was definitely a "No" since they tried to fix it once before and struck out.

    So I called the first Car Stereo place that came up on Yelp with stellar reviews: Galaxy Auto Sound on Reseda Blvd. in Northridge. I gave them a call and guess what: the owner, Ofer, said to simply bring it in and they could fix it today while I wait. Right, and "I'd gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today" said J. Wellington Wimpy.

    Well, I drove right over there and in 20 minutes they had the original unit out and a new unit installed. The price was a steal and I drove away after being there only a half hour with all of my greatest hits brought back to life and a one-year warranty.

    Quite honestly, the experience was totally unbelievable and I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else. Thanks so much guys. You are truly magicians!

    David Goodman

    thumb David B.

      Always been coming here since my sound guy decided to disappear on me. Thanks to Ofer, I've done jobs with him with the both cars I've had and the both of them were just awesome. Thanks Ofer!

    thumb Jello A.

      I have been a customer for over 12 years and have 5-6 cars worked on  and have always been very happy, The owner is the nicest guy in town . Always knowledgeable and fair on price. And if there's ever something that needs adjusting or fixing i have never had a problem. I will never go anywhere s else for alarms, stereo's navigation, DVD movie systems, play stations inverters and my window tinting. Do your self a favor and take it and ask for Offer the owner, you wont be sorry. Thanks for all you do for me David Whyte, Whyte Plumbing Inc 818-885-8222. A very happy repeat customer.

    thumb David W.

      Called to find out how much it would be to install a new alarm on my mom's car. Ofer quoted me $150 so I sent her in the next day. He honored the price over the phone no ifs and buts or hassles about it. They are a pretty busy so your wait will probably be longer than anticipated, but the work is top notch. Thanks.

    thumb Tony M.

      So nice and always helpful when things go wrong, (like my alarm going off).  Ofer really has helped me in so many ways!

    Just like old-fashioned businesses used to be...

    thumb Jodi L.

      I got my car tinted at this place a little over a year ago. I went to pick up my car, they gave me a receipt and I was on my way. I noticed on my back window the tint is peeling off. I called to ask if they have warranty and basically told me if I don't have a receipt they can't do anything. You really expect people to keep a receipt that's over a year old? I asked if they had any record of my car being there and the lady was hesitant about answering the question and said I need a receipt and without it I can't do anything.

    Like seriously? You expect your customers to keep the receipt for a lifetime? That's ridiculous. I had recommended this place to a friend a few days ago and I will surely tell them to go somewhere else.

    thumb Erick S.

      Ofer is the man. Honest, fair and straightforward.

    I came to him with a rare model Mercedes looking for a very specific part.

    Not only did he have the part on-hand, he was able to get it installed and charged me HALF of what other shops were asking (I got 5 other quotes).

    Very impressed and I can see why my mechanic highly recommended him.

    One tip: I was there for a few hours and a ridiculous amount of people came by.... his prices are low and his work is solid so everyone and their mother wants to work with him. Show up early or try to make an appointment!

    thumb Sam D.

      this is the worst service i have ever experienced anywhere!!! if you are of color, you dont speak his language, or not a pretty girl do not go here! he will not serve you the same way as he does others. the owner made me wait an hour and a half before he even touched my car but then people come in after me and he serves them first. then the owner starts giving me attitude because his shit isnt working. he will talk shit about you to other customers in your face. he is extremely rude and unorganized!! he forgets what he tells you and tries to raise the price!! im telling you do not take this review lightly!!  honestly if you are of color, you dont speak his language, not a pretty girl don't come here!!you will never see me here again!

    thumb Michael W.

      This guy lost a customer. I came to him to get a quote for stereo installation on my BMW. Instead of him giving me my quote he began first to question me as to why I wanted to change my stereo. I stated, "Because I want Bluetooth in my car, but why the hell to I have to explain that to you, can you do my installation or not."  He says, "oh yeah, oh yeah I was just asking". Then he kept questioning if I had the right stereo, which I understood that to mean I should have bought it from him.

    Seriously, after 10 minutes of this back and forth I finally got a quote. But by the time I left there I had already made up my mind that I wasn't coming back.

    You lost a customer by being a jerk. Just give us the information we are looking for, I don't need to be upsold or for you to try to scold me because I didn't buy my new system from you.

    You lost a paying customer......JERK!

    thumb Sheila M. R.